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Friday, October 14, 2005

Since this is first post in this blog, I'll use it to say this blog will be mostly about, for lack of a better term, business technology, the use of technology (particularly software) to improve business performance and business-IT alignment - you know work stuff. So topics (read: acronyms/buzzwords) like SOA, EII, BPM, CEP, RSS, Real Time Enterprise, etc. as well as specific applications within various verticals will certainly be inbounds. But I am sure other random topics (personal and otherwise) will creep in as well from time to time.

One topic I have been thinking a bit more than usual about lately has been RSS and blogging - mostly in how it relates - or at least could relate - to SOA and other application data flows. And mostly because a smart guy I know sort of led the horse to water. Some intriguing relationships certainly are possible. Treating RSS as at least a semi-structured feed can certainly help integrate and coordinate human activity with business applications and human-readable information flows with application-readable ones. And maybe even smart or at least interesting things could be done.

Obviously weblogs (recently acquired by Verisign) is helpful for any budding "real time enterprise". On a side note, I really love weblog, once again, like RSS, for its simplicity. Rest and XML-RPC - no complex subscription protocols. Thanks again, Dave.

And still watching next gen (Web 2.0) search engines like Sphere and others because it seems increasingly likely that the 1st gen search providers (we know who they are) will need to start tweaking their algorithms to account for freshness/timeliness AND content quality/relevance as blogs and other content are ranked - or else open the door for new entrants.

Building this out has interesting possibilities ... And a likely topic for future posts.

One unrelated note to close on: Adam Bosworth's piece on intelligent reaction is worth a gander, particularly for those interested in user-driven innovation but really for all since it is applicable to building a demand-driven and reactive business, in general. And maybe not so unrelated to RSS after all....


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