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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just returned from Skype Developer Conference in NYC. Also made a presentation on Innerpass' architecture and how it is integrated with/utilizes Skype.

Integration BTW is achieved with a Javascript abstraction. Depending upon OS and browser, Javascript calls either an ActiveX control or a java applet. This symmetry, in my opinion, makes development, debugging and maintenance easier.

For ActiveX, Skype4Com was used.

For Java, Skype4Java I extended/bug fixed Skype4Java and wrapped in a signed applet.

Probably the most interesting topics, from my perspective anyway, was how to deliver Skype functionality to Web browsers - sans Skype client - and utilizing Skype on a server. I am eager to hear more, particularly on client-less call participation. The big question for this scenario was obviously the codecs (how they would be downloaded, how they would run, etc) - although Skype client obviously does more than that (e.g. call routing, call state management) .

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