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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Real Time Web and Marketing Automation

I am reposting graphic from earlier post but applying to marketing automation. Although quite generic and almost ancient history (2008), it surprisingly pertains I think. But Real Time Web is People-to-People and so is B2B marketing.

Traditional marketing automation concerns itself primarily with managing campaigns (landing pages, etc) and scoring, routing and nurturing marketing leads or, more generically, contacts. Making real time means:
  • 1:1 marketing - letting customers find and communicate with marketers while actively engaged. And vice-versa.
  • Meaningful bidirectional notifications - keep customers informed based on their interest and marketers informed of customer actions and, critically, relationships
  • Viewing marketing and sales process as well as a series of events - behavioral events, conversion events, inquiries, transactions
  • Searching lead and other internal marketing data for contact, lead, prospect and customer actions - or of those in their business network. On demand and continually. So while customers are googling you or more usually solutions to their problem or deals, marketers can be looking for them.
  • Correlate events and data across prospect network to uncover hidden triggering events.

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