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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Real Time Web Architecture
Kind of an eye chart, but here is an architecture for real time web apps, a possible reference architecture.

Note the inclusion of CEP (like Apama, Streambase or Esker) and Data streaming (like Cometd) along with traditional web and mashup servers. I think that is where the future resides - being able to handle both client pulls (dynamic and static) as well as real time data feeds. Real time data feeds traditionally have been feeds (like securities prices) that are limited to certain markets but increasingly they are broader, mass market feeds - such as Feedburner, Facebook, Twitter and phone/sms - integrating both system-generated and human-generated messages.
Programming languages will be all over the map (from compiled C#, Java, etc) to open web scripting (Python, Javascript etc.) to messaging and proprietary optimized event processing languages like StreamSQL and Apama's monitor script.

Depending on feedback, I hope to describe these components in more detail in future posts and also keep this updated to reflect technology and market developments.

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